Our Story

I am a mother, wife, full time nurse, and a skin care enthusiast. My mother role comes
first before anything else, what comes with those kids is being outside with the sun
exposure that causes me my facial sun spots. I am a person who is not that into
make-up, to me the most important thing is a beautiful and healthy skin. Achieving a
beautiful and healthy skin is a struggle for most people but it made me realize that
expensive beauty products is not the solution, it is more of a healthy skin care routine,
prevention, and protection. Knowing your skin type and what products will work for you.
You can be beautiful without being broke. Let’s face it we all run on a budget but don’t
forget that you need to take care of yourself also. Having a beautiful skin will give you
the confidence that makes you radiate your beauty from inside. So if you like affordable
and effective beauty products this is the place for you!. Remember feeling good about
yourself is all you need to wear for the people to see your beauty